Insurance Lead Types

We provide only the highest quality of lead in the insurance industry, direct mail lead cards. If you are looking for a steady flow of interested prospects to speak with on a daily basis, then direct mail leads are exactly what you want. Here are our main lead types we are currently offering:

Medicare Advantage Leads

Our Medicare Advantage leads allow insurance agents and brokers to market Medicare Advantage plans in a compliant way and spend their time working with qualified and interested prospects. Using data modeling, we are able to target the most likely individuals to qualify for a Medicare Advantage plan. Our custom designed lead cards do the rest by generating the interest you need to close the sale.

Medicare Supplement Leads

Our Medicare Supplement leads offer the opportunity for agents to spend their time in front of qualified eligible prospects 65 years of age and older.

Medicare and Medicaid (Dual) Leads

Our Medicare and Medicaid Leads, also known as Dual leads, offer the best chance for Special Election Period sales of Medicare Advantage plans. Our card is designed to draw more interest from dual eligible individuals.