About Lead Choice

Lead Choice leads offer the highest opportunity for sales.

At Lead Choice we have mailed millions of mail cards focused on the Insurance Industry and in particular, the Medicare market. Our leads offer the highest opportunity for sales by providing insurance agents with interested and eligible individuals to speak with on a daily basis. Since our inception in 2011, we have been working with several large marketing organizations and insurance companies exclusively. We are now offering our services to agents and brokers of all sizes. Using a cutting edge pricing model for direct mail of pay per lead instead of the more common pricing model of pay per campaign, agents can purchase premier quality insurance leads at a set price per lead. Our leads are exclusive and never shared, our consumers are targeted using data modeling and our lead cards are designed to promote the highest level of interest.

What makes us so special?

No Contracts. Buy once and never again. But, once you try them, you can’t stop buying them!

Exclusive Leads. Our leads are exclusive for 60 days.

Target Buyers. Data Modeling allows us to target qualified and interested individual consumers in your market.

Pay Per Lead. Instead of paying per mailing campaign, you only pay for each lead that you purchase. No risk, more reward.

First Class Mail. For faster delivery and receipt of your leads we only mail USPS First Class.

Custom Designed Mailers. Our mailers are designed to generate high interest responses from eligible consumers.