Highest Closing Rate Insurance Leads

In the insurance industry, there is one type of lead that has stood the test of time and out performed every other lead; that lead type is Direct Mail Lead Cards. At Lead Choice, we have been perfecting the art of Direct Mail Marketing for the past 5 years. By using advanced data modeling techniques, we are able to target buyers and market directly to the individuals most interested in the insurance product you are selling. Our specialty is in the Medicare market. Using our proprietary data modeling techniques and custom designed mail cards targeted specifically to the market you choose, we are able to return the highest quality leads you have ever worked. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.

  • Exclusive Leads - Our leads are sold only once. Each lead you purchase from Lead Choice is an exclusive lead.
  • Pay Per Lead - Unlike other direct mail companies, we only charge you for each lead that you purchase. Instead of paying for the cards that are mailed out, you pay for the cards that come back. We take all of the risk.
  • First Class Mail - All of our mailings are sent out First Class Mail with the United States Postal Service. This allows us to get the leads in your hands quicker, providing a higher closing rate.
  • Lead Management System - When you purchase leads from Lead Choice, you get free access to our Lead Management System. Better control over your leads, means a higher Closing Rate and better Return on Investment.
  • Targeted Data - By using Direct Mail marketing, we are able to target the consumers we want to send the mail to. Providing a much higher quality lead.